Busty Queens, Beshine, and Annie Hawkins. Who’s the Bigger Tit?

Who is Beshine? Beshine, whose real name is Mayra Hills, is a 37-year-old German that claims to have the world’s largest boobs, and she can rack it up, to back it up! Beshine’s humungous 32z breast weighs in at an estimated 20lbs or 9KG EACH! Making them the largest, fake tits in the world. With […]

Roberto Esquivel Cabrera is the World’s, Biggest Dick!

Who is Roberto Esquivel Cabrera? Roberto Esquivel Cabrera is a 57-year-old man from Saltillo, Mexico. He is largely known for having the world’s biggest dick! That’s right, Roberto’s manhood is so big that he was registered disabled!? Naturally, you may think that Mr. Cabrera is a total chick magnet, but it’s quite the opposite. Measuring […]