University is one of the biggest milestones of someone’s life. Not only do you finally get to move out from under your parents wing, but you begin to make a new life for yourself while taking important footsteps towards a new career.

University isn’t just about life lessons though. It also happens to be one of the wildest times of your life. Young, free and single, you get to hit the town most nights at student union bars and enjoy yourself.

Meet new people, let your hair down and study for a degree at the same time. Sounds amazing doesn’t it? Well that’s because it is, that is until you factor in the financial side of things

Depending on the degree you’re studying for, will depend greatly on the amount of time you have aside to add in a part time job. While having that part time job will help you pay for all those drinking sessions and socials, it will also begin to eat into the amount of time you have to socialise.

The stark reality is, unless you can find a job that pays well, meaning you only have to work a few hours a week, then the university experience you thought you were going to have will merely be a dream

Earn £££’s As A Cam Model

With student fees mounting each and every term, social events calling and of course, the basics like food and clothing giving you yet more bills, debt can easily become a problem. Thankfully, there are many students that have overcome this problem and they’ve done it with the help of cam model sites such as our own here at

Becoming a cam model has never been easier, especially for university students who likely already have access to the vast majority of equipment needed to start camming – laptop and internet connection. Throw in a camera that can connect to your laptop and you’re well away to making yourself a very comfortable living for virtually half the time your other friends are stacking shelves in the local supermarket. 

Read Our Guide On How To Become A Cam Model

The Benefits Of Being A Cam Model

There are numerous benefits when it comes to being a cam model. Here are the two main benefits that university students find most attractive.

Work When You Want

While you do need to be consistent in your approach, you do have that little bit of freedom with regards to working times that suit you. So if you have classes at a certain time each week, simply work your live videos around it. Set yourself a schedule that works for you and your regulars will get used to when you’re online and when you aren’t.

Earn Serious Cash

With the right equipment and the right attitude, it’s very possible to earn some serious cash for just a few hours every week. For a university student, this is just too good to resist. Why slave away stacking shelves or working a checkout in your local supermarket for minimum wage when you can have fun meeting new people when it suits you?

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Being a webcam model is quite possibly one of the most lucrative jobs for university students, so much so that many go on to make it a full-time career upon leaving university.

With the potential to earn incredible money, working for yourself, it’s no real surprise. If you’d like to find out more, hop on to and click on the “become a model” button at the top of the homepage. It’ll be the best decision you make yet.

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