is proud to announce that we have created Dascha, which means ‘To Possess Goodness,’ and that’s exactly what it does.

For the first time, you can earn more money by signing up to your favorite sites through Dascha, then the website directly. 😲

How Does Dascha Work?

We have partnered with adult websites, which offer us referral commission each time we refer models, creators, or other users to their platform. Instead of keeping all of that money to ourselves, we have created Dascha, a platform to share and give back. So, for example, if you sign up to a website through Dascha that offers us $100 for referring you, we might give you $50. If it’s a website that you were going to sign up to anyway, it’s FREE MONEY! πŸ’°

Offers vary from site to site; while some offer us lifetime revenue share, others may offer us limited time rev share. Some websites offer us a one of payment; we have lots of different offers available.

Does Dascha Have A Referral Program Of Their Own?

Who wouldn’t want to tell their friends about such an incredible service? But, to make the deal even sweeter, Dascha has a referral program of its own. If you refer a friend to Dascha, you’ll receive 20% of whatever they earn without affecting their offers!

How Do Payments Work On Dascha?

The minimum payout amount on Dascha is just $20; you’ll receive an Amazon Gift card within 24 hours of requesting a payout. We plan to offer more and better payout methods in the coming future.

What Are You Waiting For? It’s A No Brainer! 🀯

With minimum information required for registration and no verification process, signing up, selecting offers, and getting paid has never been easier. The next time you’re considering joining a new site, check if there are offers available on Dascha first.

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