The majority of webcam models would consider masturbation a part of work. As such, it can get draining, tedious, and even painful over long periods. Performers generally forget to have fun and turn on their inner actress when masturbating live. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Learning to enjoy yourself in front of the webcam and treating your shows like pleasure time will not only show in front of your audience and essentially lead to making more money, but it will help you to enjoy your work.

In this article, we look at some of the top masturbation technics that can be used solo to enhance your pleasure time or on cam, to make your work life more desirable.

How To Enjoy Masturbation For Women

Although there are also lots of different technics for male performers, masturbation is generally enjoyed more by men, with little to no acting involved. If a man is erected, he’s generally turned on and quite content with just rubbing his pole up and down. However, it takes more for females to get into the zone and enjoy this natural activity. If you’re a couple, why not use some of the technics mentioned below to Masturbate2Gether?

Set The Mood

First and foremost, set the mood. Sure, you’ll likely have big lights surrounding you, a webcam in front of you, and any other props that you typically use, but this doesn’t mean that you cannot add other things that will help you get into the mood whether that be some lit candles, light music, or a furry and comfortable blanket. Making your surroundings sexy for you will be sexy for your viewers.

Your Hand Works As Well As Your Toys

Please don’t feel it’s essential to bring your toys out on cam. If you want to, then do, but if you get more pleasure touching yourself, then do that. Your audience wants to see you turned on, the real you.

Add Lubricant

Lubricant feels not only tremendous and enhances pleasure but also looks great. Adding a bit of lube to your vaginal area during masturbation will create a wet, oily appearance that makes your girlfriend shine and stand out from the crowd.

Saliva is Sexy

Like lubricant, adding saliva to your vagina is sexy, creating a similar appearance while enhancing pleasure. Viewers will likely enjoy spitting or pussy to mouth using your hand and fingers. Both can be a huge turn-on and help to lubricate itself naturally.

Get Comfortable

We can all picture a performer masturbating on cam, which generally looks the same. This is because the universal way to masturbate live is laying on top of a blanket, legs spread, and vagina on show. But why not masturbate as you would on your own? Maybe that’s laying under a blanket or hand down your underwear. Get comfortable, play as you would, and let your mind wander off. You don’t need to follow the crowd and play with yourself as you expect viewers want you to. It would be best if you had fun.

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Don’t Rush & Relax

You’ll likely get into things by slowing the pace and relaxing. As mentioned above, you don’t need to do what everyone else does to please your audience. There is nothing sexier than natural, and although you may believe you’re a great actress, it will be picked up. Viewers will find it much sexier watching you go into your zone to the point of a real orgasm.

Use Your Work Time To Explore Your Body

Don’t feel like you have to be a pro at all times. Amateur is one of the most searched keywords in the industry. Use your work time to explore your body and areas you haven’t gone to before, whether that be anal, your nipples, or others. I couldn’t imagine anything sexier than watching someone that forgets the camera is on while letting themselves get carried away.

Remember To Have Fun

First, starting your career as a cam girl, you probably felt quite anxious and excited simultaneously. Not just for the money, but the thought of being naughty in front of such a large audience can be a real turn-on. Be yourself on cam, and don’t be who you feel like viewers want you to be. Being yourself is the easiest person to portray over long periods, and you’ll get much more out of it. Webcamming can be fun, but only if you continue to raise excitement during your shows.

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