Most webcam models rely purely on site traffic. However, to accelerate your camming career and reach your full earning potential, you should be looking elsewhere. Although not many directories allow you to list yourself as a webcam performer, thousands of affiliate sites exist. Some of these affiliate sites list selected performers, while others list all performers on that specific cam site. Looking at ways you can appear on these high-traffic affiliate sites to guarantee more traffic and methods in which you can rank higher on them to boost things can work wonders for your career. In this article, we look at one of the top adult cam sites generating massive traffic and how you can appear on it.

How Can I Appear On

The Porn Dude generates vast waves of traffic so you can expect significant results from PDCams. Appearing on this popular directory is more complex than requesting a listing. You would need to be broadcasting on the sites that PDCams promote. By default, you’ll then appear on their popular affiliate website.

PDCams display female, male, transgender, and webcam couples, broadcasting on prominent freemium platforms such as Stripchat, Chaturbate, Bongacams, Xlove, and Amateur TV. Getting signed up to one of these platforms could get you a stop.

How Can You Use To Your Advantage?

Ranking high on a site like PDCams is much easier than ranking high on the webcam site itself. This is because there is less involved. It would seem that The Porn Dude ranks cams based on traffic, whereas this would only be one ranking factor on your streaming site, so if you focus primarily on traffic count, whether quality traffic or not, you should gain much more positive traction from the referring platform.

Using as many tags as possible, completing your bio to the fullest, and placing yourself in many categories is always a good idea. These types of strategies will have a positive effect on both platforms.

To increase click-through rates (CTRs) and conversions, it’s also highly recommended that you use a good-quality webcam and streaming equipment. In a previous article, we listed the best webcam model gear.

What Have We Learned?

If you need help improving rankings on your cam site, focus on improving them on the top affiliate websites. This is an easier target and a hack to the top. It is also worth reaching out to these affiliate webmasters and seeing how they can help you. Some may have packages or provide helpful information. But these strategies are undoubtedly some of the best methods for webcam promotion.

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