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Master Adult Affiliate Program Marketing

Webcamming is a multi-billion dollar industry and one that is consistently growing year after year. It’s estimated to have more than 16,000 models and 300,000 viewers online at any given time. Who wouldn’t you want to be a part of that?

I would unbiasedly argue that there is more money to be made as an affiliate marketer in the webcam industry than any other industry in the world, and I have firsthand seen the moolah up for grabs.

Whether you’re an amateur that wants to learn how to make some serious money in this industry with minimal investment, a semi-pro that wants to learn some new tricks, or maybe just curious and wants to read a great article, this is perfect for you all.

Before we get too far ahead of ourselves, let’s start from the bottom.

What is an adult webcam affiliate program, and how does it work?

webcam affiliate

A webcam affiliate marketer is somebody that earns a commission for marketing a companies webcam site. So, in other words, you send traffic to a cam site, and the cam site will pay you for it.

Why wouldn’t I start my own webcam business?

Starting your own webcam business takes a considerable amount of capital (even if you’re developing or marketing yourself) as well as industry experience. Once you have paid the painful payment processing fees associated with sales and all other ongoing operational costs, it’s not worth it, in my opinion. Cam sites pay their affiliates huge lifetime rev share, so you have to ask yourself if starting your cam site is worth the risk.

What experience is required to start webcam affiliate marketing?

Of course, it would help to have experience in the below fields, but it’s not necessary. All of the required tools to learn are available for free on the internet. It takes a lot of reading helpful articles like this one, as well as patience.

Social Media Marketing

If you don’t have experience in any other form of marketing, this will likely be your most valuable area. The reason is that you know social media, everybody does, or at least should, in 2023. The best thing about social media marketing is that it’s free. As social media doesn’t allow adult sites to run ads, there is no need to spend money trying to keep up with your competitors. All sales generated from social media equals 100% profit.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If you know SEO, then great. If you’re not familiar with it, then this should be the first thing that you start learning.

There is a lot involved in SEO, and you’re always going to be learning new tricks. Search Engine Optimization is the art of ranking your site high on the search engines, notably Google. SEO is the most challenging part and will likely be the most expensive part, but if performed correctly, you could make some serious money!


Suppose you know how to write code, awesome. If not, then learn WordPress.

WordPress is a DIY website builder, kind of like Wix. Although WordPress requires a slightly higher skill set to put something together, it’s cheaper, you can build a lot more with it, and it’s argumentatively closer pals with Google.

There are many other things you could be doing to build or market your affiliate site; in my opinion, however, the three things listed above are the most essential. Learn them, and you’re good to go.

Should I hire some help to build my cam affiliate site?

This depends on how much you can do yourself. I wouldn’t recommend hiring help for social media marketing or SEO. These types of experts cost a fortune, and you’re going to struggle to get an ROI. If you need it, then maybe hire some cheap WordPress help from Freelancer, as this doesn’t cost much and isn’t typically ongoing.

What is a webcam white-label, and should I use one?

First, a webcam white label is an established cam site with your logo, branding, and even domain/name. For example. camiplay.camsoda.com is a camsoda.com white label. Notice it has a similar layout and the same models broadcasting, yet our branding.

White labels can work great for those who want to establish their brand and possibly go off in the future and launch their cam site under it, as it essentially manipulates users into believing it’s an independent platform.

White labels are free to set up; the cam site essentially gives you one, or as many as you need, to go off and market. You can very easily edit it to make it look like your own.

The biggest con about solely using a white label is that it isn’t SEO friendly, making them hard to rank high on the SERP. As a result, you’re still going to need to send traffic to it. You can do that by creating your site, ranking it high, and directing the traffic to your white label affiliate.

What type of site should I build?

There is no reason that you cannot have a network of different sites down the line, as many people in the adult affiliate world do. However, start with one, make it work, and keep expanding.

There are tons of different types of sites you can create, but mainly all directories and review-type websites. Some examples of these would include Bestcamsites.co, or Porndude.com.

You could even start a webcam blog like our own and use affiliate links within your articles. Google loves blogs and often ranks them higher up, especially if you’re taking the time to write good, unique, and creative content.

The types of sites above are probably the most commonly used by webcam affiliate marketers. What makes it better is that you can pick up a cheap WordPress template for each of them, which will fast forward the setup process while lowering the starting cost.

How much capital does it take to start a webcam affiliate site?

This all depends on how much you can do yourself. Let’s say you know WordPress; then you can launch your site for around $100. That will cover the script, domain, and hosting.

The most expensive task is going to be SEO, specifically link building. Quality backlinks in this industry cost a small fortune, from the low end of around USD 150 for a guest post. Once you have built some authority, you may be able to get some reciprocal backlinks in. However, you should be very careful in doing so, as Google has strict rules around this; therefore, you face the risk of being penalized and losing everything you worked so hard for.

It’s hard to put a number on how many backlinks are needed before you start ranking well and essentially earning, as it depends on the optimization and quality of your site and its content and the quality and number of organically flowing backlinks. However, you shouldn’t typically start to see a rise in the SERP for at least six months, maybe longer, as this industry is very competitive. So, patience is critical.

How profitable is webcam affiliate marketing?

Without selling you a dream, you could quite realistically become a millionaire from marketing webcam sites. Sure, it would likely take years and dedication to gain millionaire status, but it’s possible and is being done. Check out how much the top affiliate marketer for Bongacams is earning on a daily/weekly basis.


Remember, many sites offer lifetime revenue share, so if you can convert enough paying users, you’ll earn a percentage from each of them on every purchase.

In my own experience, you could even more realistically be earning around USD 5,000 per month after one year, which isn’t an inadequate income.

The other thing to bear in mind is that your affiliate site will always hold its value and increase with sales. So, if you ever want to sell and retire, you could use an adult Broker service to help get you top dollar.

What webcam affiliate programs convert the best?

In my own experience, camsoda is one of the best-converting webcam sites for me. However, that’s likely just because our setup best fits them. The smartest thing to do would be to promote as many sites as possible and optimize based on results. Here is a list of best-converting cam sites and offers.

adult affiliate comparison chart


Becoming a webcam affiliate marketer in 2023 is a great idea, with huge potential and opportunities. It’s not a get-rich-quick scheme, and becoming successful in the webcam affiliate world takes time, hard work, and investment, so patience is key.

If you learn the necessary skills, you’re almost sure to make money as a webcam affiliate; how much is uncertain, but the sky is truly the limit, as you have established.

On top of the financial benefits, you’re able to work from anywhere, meaning that you may be able to settle down in the Ha Long Bay of Vietnam after all.

Thanks for reading, and best of luck on your journey. If you have any questions, feel free to drop them below.

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