Blonde hair has been an iconic symbol of beauty and sex appeal for decades, and the adult industry is no exception. With many of the world’s most popular adult performers sporting golden locks, the popularity of it is undeniable. From classic porn stars to modern-day webcam models, blonde remains a coveted look among adult entertainers. This article will explore why blondes are likelier to succeed in the industry. We’ll examine the current trends making it a favorite among adult performers and fans.

What is so appealing about blonde webcam models?

Many things could spark blonde women to appear more sexually attractive to men than women with other colored hair. Specifically within the industry, we see blonde babes promoted everywhere. Take the famous playboy Hugh Hefner for example. In nearly all cases where we see him with his stunning playmates, they are dominantly blonde. This is just one of many examples of where advertisements and surroundings have subconsciously driven us to feel more attracted to a specific type of person. In this case, Barby dolls.

hugh hefner

But it’s not all subconscious and media driven. There may be some science behind why so many men search for Barbie dolls. From appearing fitter, younger, and a healthier choice to procreate with, researchers also found that men judge women with blonde hair to be more promiscuous.

According to Google, there are over 11,000 monthly searches for “blonde pornstars” on average in the USA alone. “Brunette pornstars,” on the other hand, receive an average of 4,000 monthly searches (almost 3x less). We also made a quick comparison on cam searches. “Blonde cam girls” had over six thousand monthly searches, while no data appeared for “Brunette cam girls.” This was a very bland search to pull some comparison, in-depth searches such as “blonde porn” or “blonde pussy pics” would likely show the difference on a much larger scale.

Will I make more money on a webcam if I’m blonde?

Quite possibly, and even likely. Dying or wearing a blonde wig could significantly and positively affect your earnings. This is not to say you’re unattractive, but using science and statistics to maximize your online profits makes sense. If you can’t beat them, join them.


There is science behind blonde women that make them appear sexier and more attractive to men. Although it’s important to remember that hair color is a preference, and as shown from Google searches, many men prefer women with darker or other hair colors, we do understand that blonde women win the majority.

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