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Summary: Although there is no way to stop people from stealing your content online completely, you can prevent it from happening as frequently or at all. Check out the top DMCA services available to webcam models, content creators, and online adult workers.

Quick Scope

Adult industry workers such as webcam models and content creators have always been at high risk of copyright infringement and DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) breaches. This type of worry limits people from joining the industry, with the presumable fear that their content will forever be floating around the internet. Even those that pursue the career choice as online workers generally always face the issue of copyright infringement, and this can have a significant impact on their work and private life, as well as mental health.

What Content Can Be Shared Legally?

The short answer is none of it; none of your content can be shared without your permission. This is because you’re the copyright owner or the original author. Although someone may share a post on social media, it’s not considered piracy as it’s being shared under the same domain. However, when somebody takes one of your images or videos from one of your profiles and shares it somewhere else, this is considered stealing and would be copyright infringement.

There are instances where sharing your content, even for commercial purposes, would be considered fair use. This may include freedom of press or reviews, or for educational purposes, for example.

Although it’s not illegal for somebody to record your webcam shows without your permission, it is unlawful for them to share the content without your consent.

How Can I Find My Stolen Content?

Pirates will often use your name, nickname/or username when sharing your content online. So simply Googling all of your aliases should bring up a list of stolen content for you, so long as it exists. There are, of course, cases where one of your aliases may not have been referenced; you can only rely on someone bringing this content to your attention. Which, surprisingly, happens more often than not.

How Can I Protect Myself From Thieves?

Although piracy theft would be considered one of the disadvantages of the job, as there is no full-proof method to stopping it, you can help prevent it so that it occurs much less frequently, if at all. The most obvious approach would be to get DMCA protected. There are several ways to protect yourself using a DMCA service, some FREE, while better and more secure preventions may incur a small charge.

In any case, get yourself a DMCA badge. You can get these for free or access premium badges on a paid plan. These badges can be embedded in your cam feed on most webcam sites or watermarked over your images and videos, and they are often a strong deterrent.

Another free and simple way to prevent your content from being stolen is to clarify that you don’t accept it! This can be done by simply adding the copyright symbol (©) to your profile or making it even more transparent by adding a disclaimer.

‘© Any illegal reproduction of this content will result in immediate legal action.’

These actions are small but sufficient to have the pirates sailing in the opposite direction. Many thieves will target vulnerable individuals they believe are without knowledge of such rights. In some cases, it may be stolen with ignorance, but a clear disclaimer should get the message across!

Will The Site That I Work On Offer A DMCA Service?

Many sites offer a DMCA service for their creators and performers. However, these services are usually pretty basic. Here is a list of sites that may provide a DMCA service FREE of charge if you’re working on them.

Best DMCA Services For Webcam Models & Content Creators?


By far, the most established and reputable service is DMCA offers a ton of services/features FREE of charge, so you can get protected without spending a cent. However, if you want to level up your security and protect your content to the max, then it’s highly recommended that you use their paid plan. It’s cheap, affordable, and it’s good.

With the FREE plan, you can access almost 100 badges, get takedown request templates, etc. Their paid plans offer valuable and powerful tools to help you stay even safer online, including a website scanner that helps locate your stolen content, premium badges, etc. is another popular choice among cam girl and content creators. Although a little pricey compared to their competitors, their service is friendly, easy to use, and powerful. A paid service is always recommended to protect yourself/your brand; the only real downfall is that it’s the only option available on Branditscan. Nonetheless, you can enjoy 24/7 Brand Protection, Bulk DMCA & Google/Bing Removal services, etc.

Not to get confused between, and, as the services differ entirely. is one of the most professional and hard-hitting DMCA services. They are the most expensive option, starting at a whopping $200 with no FREE plan, but they get the job done.

Unlike the others, it’s not much of a DIY service; they generally handle everything for you, hence the price. They will regularly search for infringement and manually issue DMCA takedown notices.

What Happens If My DMCA Takedown Requests Are Ignored?

Generally, the process works in the following way.

  • DMCA Takedown notice is sent directly to individuals/businesses infringing your copyrights.
  • If ignored or not acted on, a takedown notice is usually sent to the host of the website, which can be found by visiting
  • If the host ignores or doesn’t take action on your request for removal, your takedown notice can be sent to the website’s payment providers.
    You should usually get results by this point, especially if the infringing site is genuine. But, in the rare case you don’t, you should submit DMCA takedown requests on Google and Bing and consider legal action.

In nearly all cases, it’s more effective to let DMCA services handle takedowns on your behalf, as pirates are more likely to listen to them.


Work and socialize online with the peace of mind that your content and brand are protected. DMCA services come with such a small charge, some no cost, that it’s not worth the delay.

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