Nowadays, webcam modeling is one of the most popular online jobs, with tens of thousands of performers broadcasting at any given time. What once was considered taboo and treated as the holy grail is probably unappreciated due to how easily accessible it’s become.

You would probably find it odd having to explain to someone what a webcam model is, as you would expect everyone to know. However, like anything, this hasn’t always been the case. There was a time when people didn’t know what the ‘cam girl’ was, as it never existed. There was a time when people couldn’t think that far ahead or even imagine a world where you could access thousands of naked people live and on webcam at any time. What is the history behind the cam girl, and how did it get to this?

first cam girl

Meet Jennifer Ringley, The Worlds First Cam Girl.

The first cam girl was a rather ingenious 19-year old called Jennifer Ringley. Despite the phrase not being known back then, she became the first well-known ‘cam girl’ and did it all in her bedroom in 1996.

Jennifer set up a camera that covered the central area of her room. The camera was left on 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and featured everything she did in her bedroom, from sleeping to having sex, masturbating, and even getting dressed.

Jennifer Ringley

At the very peak of her career, Jennifer received over 100 million visitors a week, earning her an incredible amount of money. While she initially started it as a free project, she eventually began charging $15 a year per subscription.

Much like the cam girls of today, while sex was a massive pull for her viewers, it wasn’t the main focus as many wanted her to interact with them; which is exactly what she did when she spent time talking to the camera discussing everything from her love life to the errands she ran that day.

It wasn’t long after she began receiving mainstream attention on popular tv shows that other ‘cam girls’ like her began appearing.

Jennifer Ringley vs. Modern Day Webcam Models.

The cam girls we see today are slightly different in more ways than merely the technology they use. First and foremost, people aren’t required to set up their own websites anymore. There are dozens of great platforms hosting webcam models and giving them the tools they need for success. The only thing cam girls need to create today is a profile.

Today’s cam girls are also incredibly varied, with no focus on just one. One quick look at any popular site will reveal that they have an astonishing number of cam models live at one time, allowing viewers to filter through extensive lists to find the perfect one. The cam models of today are so varied that they cater to virtually any desires.

Cam shows of today take numerous forms, too, from pre-recorded videos to live streams and live chat. Some models hold live discussions with their viewers and even discuss things they mutually enjoy, which encourages repeat customs more than many realize. With such a variety, it also means that if a viewer doesn’t like the first model he stumbles across, he can easily find another.

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