1. What is a webcam site?
  2. How to find out what a cam site makes?
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Have you ever wondered how much money webcam sites make? I couldn’t find this answer anywhere online, as Google has packed out the searches with “how much webcam models make” instead. But for whatever reason, it’s a question many people would like to know. Whether you’re considering starting an adult cam site or affiliate website or are just curious. We have responded to the question that nobody else has in this article. But before we get too far ahead of ourselves.

What is a Webcam Site?

A webcam site is a platform that hosts individuals known as “webcam models”. These models broadcast their cams on the site and typically masturbate online to an audience. However, each site has unique features, but almost all work identically. The primary objective for the cam model is to earn as much money as possible via tips or pay-per-minute shows.

Working Out How Much Cam Sites Make.

Having been in the industry for as long as I have and specifically worked closely in the camming industry, I have a good idea of what these sites are making. I can tell you, it’s a lot of money! 💰

Let’s take a site like Chaturbate, which has around 450M monthly hits. We expect a conversion rate of at least 1%. They should hit this at a minimum with most of their direct and organic traffic.

Chaturbate has multiple token packages but based on historical data from my affiliate account, the most commonly sold packages are $20.99 (200 tokens) and $44.99 (500 tickets), putting the average at $32.99 (350 tokens).

Chaturbate pay models $0.05 per token. So, out of that $32.99, they will lose $17.50. Next, they need to pay payment processing fees. These are typically very high in the industry, even with their turnover. They are paying around 3%. Let’s do the math based on those numbers:

$32.99 – 3% (payment processing fee) = $32.00.
$32.00 – $17.50 (model payout) = $14.50

So, out of 450M visitors, they are converting 1% (4.5M) who purchase one package a month, at an average of $32.00, netting Chaturbate $14.50 after model and processing fees. That means Chaturbate nets around $65M monthly, or $2.1M daily.

Seem like an unrealistic amount? Well, let’s look at it this way:

Chaturbate has around 15,000 – 20,000 models broadcasting daily, or 5,000 – 7,000 at any time. Based on the numbers above, the average model on Chaturbate is earning between $130 – $175 daily (which seems realistic).

Remember, we haven’t considered other expenses, such as office(s), staff, affiliate payouts, advertisement, taxes, servers, etc. But even without considering these costs, one thing is for sure. Prominent webcam sites revenue vast amounts of money.

How Much Do Webcam Sites Make?

This chart roughly estimates how much money webcam sites and companies net monthly after model and payment processing fees. This has been worked out using the same equation demonstrated earlier. Traffic, expected conversion rates, average user spend, and model payout percentage.

$65Mvisit button
stripchat$100Mvisit button
4Mvisit button
29Mvisit button
72Mvisit button
77Mvisit button
500Kvisit button
7Mvisit button
11Mvisit button
13Mvisit button


The adult webcam industry is a multi-billion dollar one that continues to grow. A previous article explained the benefits of affiliate marketing and why it’s much safer than starting a cam site. We know there is enough money to go around, and regardless of what you do in the camming industry, there is undoubtedly the opportunity to earn some serious cash.

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