As any established webcam model will know, when you start out camming, you’re guaranteed to make your fair share of mistakes, especially if you don’t have anyone to chat to, within the industry. Thankfully, here at Camiplay, we see all cam models and over the years, have seen what they do to make a lot of money, and what they do that stops them.

So if you’re new to the cam modeling industry then keep reading. Equally, if you’ve been modeling for quite some time but still haven’t begun making bank, then keep reading too. We’re about to list the top five mistakes for new cam girls to help you avoid the pitfalls and help you start earning.

The Ultimate Camming Mistakes

As an established model will know there are five major mistakes that newbies all seem to make. Here they are, along with the best ways to avoid them!

1. Giving Up Too Soon

For some, not raking in the earnings overnight is reason enough to simply give up but like anything in life, being a successful cam model requires you to work at it.

It takes time. No one is truly an overnight success. There’s a huge amount of background work that goes into being a cam model so please ignore the nonsense claims that it’s possible to make it big overnight.

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If new models knew how much they could make, however, by simply sticking at it, they’d stick around without a doubt. Don’t quit. Stick at it and work at it. Build your brand and we guarantee you’ll thank yourself for it in the long run.

2. Charging For DM’s

All too often, cam models get so frustrated with the amount of DM’s they get from what are essentially freeloaders, they turn their DM’s off. We get it, it’s annoying.

The vast majority who DM you simply want you to talk dirty to them for free and have no intention of paying you or tipping you. They aren’t worth your time. Having said that, by turning off your DM’s to unsaying customers, you could miss out on a lot of trade.

What many don’t realize is that making a bank is all about engagement with premium members. By chatting in private, you offer a different experience for the member. It becomes a lot more intimate.

It’s by doing this that relationships are built and in turn, regular paying customers are gained. By charging for your DM’s on the likes of Camiplay, you’ll turn a lot of potential customers off and lose out big time.

3. No Consistency

Consistency is key in many areas of life and the cam-model industry is no exception. By posting erratically, you aren’t giving your viewers an idea as to when you’ll next be on.

By posting consistently, your viewers begin to expect you at certain times and make time for you. They head to your site when they know you’ll be there and believe us when we say, your bank account will thank you for it in the long run.

By posting consistently and allowing people to have a rough idea of where they can find you, you’ll slowly build up relationships and in turn, long-term viewers who’ll practically throw money into your account.

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4. Picking The Wrong Camming Site

It’s crucial that you pick the right camming site. If you choose the wrong one, you give yourself no chance of actually having a decent cam girl career.

There are a lot of sites out there that not only overcharge but gain no traffic and therefore you have no viewers. This is especially bad for a new model who needs all the eyes she can get.

When you’re new you need exposure. Therefore choosing a site like Camiplay will stand you in good stead for getting exactly that.

5. Taking Unexplained/Lengthy Breaks

We all need a holiday but if you decide to go on hiatus from putting out content for too long, you’ll lose your followers easily. This is especially bad for those who’ve actually built up a decent following because it’s almost like they’re knowingly throwing it away.

It’s obviously fine to take a break however, one of the ways around this is to create content for when you aren’t there. Your viewers may not get live sessions unless you’re willing to add in a few little live videos from your balcony in Spain, but they do get new, fresh content. It also lets them know you’re thinking of them.

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